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20240612-Astrocytia-Thinklinkers Snacks

Data Management Marathon Today!

2024.06.12: We are so ready!

Excited to be part of the Thinklinkers Data Management Marathon today! 🎉 
It's a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into the latest trends and best practices in data management. Stay tuned for insights and key takeaways from the sessions. And of course, no marathon is complete without some delicious snacks! 🍪🍓🍎 Check out the spread we're enjoying today!

Welcoming a new Trainee

2024.05.29: 🌟 Exciting day at Astrocytia! 🌟

We have had the pleasure of welcoming a young trainee from 4.A at one of our local schools -  Hovedgård Skole.

Today, she has been learning the ropes of what it means to have a job and exploring the various educational pathways that lead to a fulfilling career in our field.

The picture to your right shows how she sees our workplace presented in pictures. 🚀✨

20240529-Astrocytia through the eyes of a trainee

Data Management Marathon Event

Watch party - Data Management Marathon

2024.05.07: Save the date!!🗓️💫

Unleash the potential of your data at the next Thinklinkers Data Management Marathon June 12-13, 2024!

Dive into a day of innovation where we at Astrocytia present cutting-edge ideas and showcase practical examples of Rapid Prototyping with Master Data Management (MDM). Discover how to harness the power of MDM to streamline your data processes, enhance decision-making, and accelerate your business growth.

Astrocytia is hosting a 🎉 watch party 🎉 and you are invited! Whether you're a data enthusiast, a decision-maker, or a tech-savvy professional, this event is designed for you. Connect with industry leaders, share your insights, and be inspired by the latest trends and strategies in data management. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your connections and celebrate the future of data management together! Connect with us and get your ticket!




Optimizing Pharma

2024.05.07: New LinkedIn Live Event 

🚀 Join us on May 15 at 17:00 for our LinkedIn Live event, “Optimizing Pharma: Leveraging Master Data for Enhanced Business Performance”!

Our CEO, Brian Thomsen, will share how master data can transform the pharmaceutical landscape. Learn innovative strategies to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and boost overall business efficiency.

Don't miss out on valuable insights and actionable solutions to optimize your supply chain, improve regulatory compliance, and drive innovation.

Want to learn more - follow us at LinkedIn

Astrocytia - Optimizing Pharma

New employee at Astrocytia

New Communication & Change Consultant

2024.05.03: Meet Sophie 😃

We're excited to introduce Sophie as our new Communication and Change Consultant. Sophie's expertise and passion for effective communication and transformative change make her a perfect addition to our team. We look forward to the incredible impact she'll have on our company and clients alike.

Welcome aboard, Sophie!

Join Astrocytia in Prague!

2024.03.27: Shaping the future of MDM

We are thrilled to announce that the Astrocytia team will be participating in the prestigious 9th Data Management ThinkLab, hosted by ThinkLinkers, in the beautiful city of Prague on April 18-19, 2024.

This event marks a significant opportunity for us to showcase our innovative approaches, share groundbreaking ideas, and engage with other industry leaders in the field of data management.

Our team is preparing a series of presentations that will highlight our commitment to pushing the boundaries of data management. We believe that sharing knowledge and fostering discussions are essential steps towards driving innovation and finding sustainable solutions to the challenges we face today.

Beyond our presentations, we are eager to network with fellow professionals, learn from their experiences, and explore potential collaborations. The ThinkLab is an excellent platform for sparking new ideas, forming lasting relationships, and staying at the forefront of the data management industry.

We invite our clients, partners, and anyone interested in the future of data management to join us in Prague for what promises to be an enlightening and inspiring two days. You can always reach us at  for more information or inquiries. 

Let's shape the future of data management together at the 9th Data Management ThinkLab. See you in Prague!


Astrocytia-9th Thinklab

Astrocytia 2024 Happy Easter

Happy Easter from all of us at Astrocytia 

2024.03.26: Greeting from the Astrocytia Team 

🥚🥚🥚 This Easter, let's draw inspiration from the intricate workings of the human brain and central nervous system, particularly from the role of astrocytes.

Just as these star-shaped cells play a crucial role in neural health and connectivity, Astrocytia embodies the essence of innovation, optimization, and the mastery of commercial excellence and data in the professional realm.

At Astrocytia, we guide our customers from the efficiency and supportiveness of astrocytes in:

Astrocytes are essential for maintaining the balance and plasticity of the brain, facilitating learning and adaptation. Similarly, Astrocytia is committed to fostering a culture of innovation within organizations. We help businesses think outside the box, embrace new technologies, and develop forward-thinking strategies that anticipate market trends and customer needs.

Just as astrocytes efficiently manage the flow of information and resources within the brain, Astrocytia specializes in streamlining business processes. Our expertise in identifying inefficiencies, implementing lean methodologies, and integrating cutting-edge automation tools empowers companies to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and achieve operational excellence.

The role of astrocytes in supporting synaptic functions and neurotransmitter regulation mirrors Astrocytia’s approach to harnessing data for commercial success. We leverage advanced analytics to provide deep insights into market dynamics, customer behaviors, and operational performance, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, personalize customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth.

This Easter, let Astrocytia guide you in embodying the principles of innovation, optimization, and mastery of commercial excellence and data. Inspired by the unparalleled connectivity and support of astrocytes, we are here to transform your business processes, fuel innovation, and harness the power of data to achieve new heights of success.

Wishing you an fantastic Easter filled with inspiration, growth, and transformation! 🐣🐣🐣

Discover Opportunities in Belgium 

2024.03.21: Join Our Week 13 Sales Tour  🌐

In Week 13, our team embarks on an exciting journey across Belgium, visiting both new and existing customers. This tour is an opportunity to connect personally, discuss your business needs, and explore innovative solutions together. From Brussels to Bruges, we're eager to meet you, share insights, and strengthen our partnerships. If you're interested in scheduling a one-on-one meeting with us, please reach out directly. Let’s grow together!

Ready for a transformative partnership? Contact us to book your meeting. See you in Belgium!

Astrocytia Roadtrip Belgium 2024


Spotlight on the Master Data Management & Data Governance Summit, Barcelona 

2024.03.08: Astrocytia on tour  🌐

We're proud to share our impactful presence at this year's TBM summit in Barcelona. Our CEO, Brian Thomsen, captivated attendees with a forward-thinking presentation on integrating ESG principles with Master Data Management, highlighting the importance of sustainability in data governance.

In addition, our Business Consultant, Sommer Chenet, is actively engaging with peers, sharing insights and exploring innovative solutions in the field. Our team's participation underscores our dedication to advancing sustainable data governance practices.

Stay connected for more insights and developments from the summit.

We're Heading to Barcelona for an Epic Data Event! 🌟

2024.02.26: Mark your calenders  🌐

On March 7-8, 2024, we’re diving into the world of Master Data Management (MDM) and ESG Data Transformation at the TBM Group event in beautiful Barcelona. And guess what? We’ll be on stage sharing our journey and insights on how ESG data is revolutionizing businesses for the better.

This isn’t just any conference. It’s a golden ticket to explore cutting-edge strategies, mingle with top industry minds, and discover how data can truly make a difference in our world.

So, are you ready to get inspired, learn a ton, and maybe enjoy a little bit of Barcelona’s charm? Stay tuned for all the cool updates and takeaways we’ll be bringing back. Let’s make data magic happen together! ✨

Astrocytia@TBM Group_Barcelona 2024

Astrocytia ERP and MDM

The MDM & ERP Integration Revolution

2024.02.22: Unlocking Efficiency 🌐

Todays Linkedin Live event by Thinklinkers, featuring Astrocytia's CEO Brian Thomsen, has sparked a significant conversation around the integration of Master Data Management with ERP systems. Brian, a renowned figure in the data management space, shed light on the transformative effects of leveraging master data to enhance ERP systems, emphasizing the potential for unparalleled organizational efficiency and a superior customer experience.

If you missed the live event, it's not too late to benefit from the invaluable insights shared by Brian Thomsen.

We encourage you to reach out to Astrocytia for a consultation on how to implement these strategies effectively within your operations. Connect with us here.

Together, we can redefine your approach to organizational efficiency and set new benchmarks for success in your industry. 🏆

ERP vs. MDM🗣️

2024.02.19: The Clash of Business Titans 🌐?

Join us for an enlightening Linkedin Live event this week, where we'll explore the transformative power of a master data approach on ERP systems. Uncover the often overlooked aspects such as enhanced customer experience and seamless data integration across the value chain.

Despite heavy investments in ERP systems and upgrades, many organizations still face significant challenges that impact their bottom line. Brian Thomsen, CEO of Astrocytia, will dive into the critical ERP vs Master Data debate, offering valuable insights and real-world case studies that showcase the profound effects of integrating these foundational strategies.

Don't miss this opportunity to challenge conventional perspectives and discover practical tips for leveraging the combined strength of master data and ERP systems. This discussion promises to redefine your approach to organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Join the LinkedIn Live session here and connect with us.

Looking forward to seeing you at this amazing event! 


Astrocytia LinkedIn Live Feb 2024

Astrocytia Project Manager as conductor

Become our Project Conductor

2024.02.01: Project Manager Job Opening

Exciting news! Astrocytia has just opened another Project Manager position. Join our team and be a part of the future of digital transformation.

Apply now and help us reach for the stars! 🌌🛰️

🚀 Fire Elite Partner 

2024.02.01: MDM Event June 12-13

At Astrocytia, we're not just masters of data management; we're FIRE ELITE PARTNERS! 🤩

Picture this: June is just around the corner, and the data world is about to ignite with excitement. Why, you ask? Because we, your data dynamos, are teaming up with Thinklinkers at the Master Data Management event of the year!

We'll be there to fan the flames of knowledge, spark innovation, and make sure your data management game is on FIRE. 🔥🔥

Join us this June, where we'll be burning down the barriers to data success, one laugh and one byte at a time. Trust us, you won't want to miss this scorcher of an event! See you there! 🔥🔥🔥

Astrocytia Fire Elite Partner

Change Management

🌟Join Our Team🌟

2024.01.31: Seeking a Change Manager

Are you passionate about driving transformative change in organizations? Do you thrive on fostering process excellence and nurturing a people-focused culture? We're on the lookout for a dynamic Change Manager to join our consultancy firm, specializing in Process Excellence and Master Data Management.

At Astrocytia, we believe that our people are the heart of our success. We're dedicated to making a difference, and our new Change Manager will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our clients and our firm.

If you're a proactive and innovative professional with a knack for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of change management, we'd love to hear from you. Join us in our mission to empower organizations, elevate processes, and elevate the potential of individuals.

🔗 Learn more and apply today: Job post - Change Manager

Become a part of our team and help us transform the way businesses thrive. Together, we'll continue to deliver excellence, one process at a time.

☀️ESG with Astrocytia

2024.01.22: Join the next Thinklinkers Thinklab

Join us on April 18-19, 2024, in Prague, Czech Republic, as we showcase the transformative impact of integrating ESG principles with MDM. Don't miss the chance to shape a sustainable future for your organization!

All info on the event can be found here or connect with us for further insights at 

Astrocytia at Thinklab 2024

Astrocytia Searching for New Ressource

🚀Sales Superstar?

2024.01.19: Join our team

We're thrilled to announce that Astrocytia is on the lookout for a dynamic Internal Sales Resource to join our growing team! As we continue to expand and elevate our services, we are seeking an individual with exceptional sales coordination skills, a passion for people, and a flair for driving success.

If you're ready to be a key player in our journey of excellence, contributing to a collaborative and innovative environment, we want to hear from you!

Learn more here and connect at 😉


Taking Center Stage with ESG & MDM Insights this spring🚀

2024.01.15: ESG and MDM for Sustainable Success 

Embark on a journey of innovation and sustainability with us at Astrocytia this spring! Join us at several exclusive events where we'll be diving deep into the realms of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies seamlessly integrated with Master Data Management (MDM). Discover how our commitment to excellence in data management enhances ESG practices, propelling your business towards a future of responsible growth.

Connect with us and secure your ticket to unlock invaluable insights into the dynamic synergy of ESG & MDM. Join us on this journey towards data excellence and sustainable practices! 🌐

Astrocytia ESG and MDM

Astrocytia Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

2024.01.01: Collaboration & Innovation 🎆🎆🎆 

As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, we extend our warmest wishes for a year filled with joy, success, and countless opportunities. May the upcoming months be a journey of growth and achievement for you and your loved ones.

At Astrocytia, we are excited to embark on another year of collaboration and innovation. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Let's make 2024 a year to remember!

Wishing you a prosperous and Happy New Year!

The Astrocytia Team 

Merry Christmas 🎄✨ 

2023.12.12: Holiday Cheer from the Astrocytia Team 

Wishing our cherished community, a Merry Christmas and joyful celebrations! 🌟 As we wrap up the year, we extend heartfelt thanks for your support. The Astrocytia team wishes you warmth, laughter, and a festive season filled with love. Cheers to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warm regards,

The Astrocytia Team

Astrocytia Christmas Greeting 2023

Astrocytia & Thinklinkers

Prague's Premier Master Data Event - April 2024 

2023.12.04: Lead Partner at Thinklab 🌐

We are thrilled to share that Astrocytia is set to take center stage as the lead partner for the upcoming Thinklinkers ThinkLab Master Data Event in Prague, scheduled for April 2024. As advocates for innovation and excellence in data management, we are excited to bring together industry trailblazers, experts, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest advancements in master data strategies.

Join us in this unparalleled opportunity to:

🚀 Gain insights from top thought leaders in the field.

💡 Explore cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

🤝 Network with industry professionals and expand your connections.

📈 Elevate your master data management skills and knowledge.

Mark your calendars and click here for further information on how be a part of this transformative experience.

Together, let's shape the future of master data management!

Madrid Visit

2023.11.06: In need of inspiration? 

From November 14 to 17, we are dispatching our CEO, Brian Thomsen, and Delivery Manager, Morten Dalbøge, to Madrid for an intensive four days dedicated to networking, knowledge sharing, and promoting our core values of People, Passion, and Technology.

If you happen to be in the area during this period, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we would be delighted to arrange a meeting with you as well!

Astrocytia Communication

Astrocytia & Thinklinkers in Berlin

Wonderful Berlin 

2023.10.13: Feeling the passion at ThinkLab

Participating in Thinklinkers ThinkLab in Berlin this October was a delightful experience: "I had the chance to connect with fascinating individuals, attend insightful sessions, and experience the genuine enthusiasm for how data can enhance and enliven our workdays", Brian Thomsen, CEO, says. 

The conversations initiated at the event are ongoing, so if you couldn't join us, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We'd be delighted to update you on the latest trends in master data.

You can reach us at 

Thank you

2023.09.24: Expressing our heartfelt Gratitude

We are truly thankful for the overwhelming attention we received at Astrocytia's 5th birthday celebration 😍.

We deeply appreciate all the warm congratulations and kind words that came our way, and we are grateful for the generous gifts.

A thousand thanks to everyone who joined us at our reception to celebrate. It holds immense significance for us. We look forward to the many years ahead at Astrocytia.

Astrocytia 5 years reception cake

Astrocytia @ TBM in Berlin

You can still make it!

2023.09.22: Meet our CEO Brian in Berlin

Astrocytia is in Berlin in week 39, actively engaging with many individuals within our network, including discussions at TBM's Data event.

If you wish to arrange a meeting, please reach out to us at 

Human Intelligence: Powering Real Innovation

2023.09.22: New Live Event

Join our CEO Brian Thomsen and Pio Marolla from ThinkLinkers, for a discussion on “Human Intelligence: Powering Real Innovation”, where they will discuss the role that people have in sparking transformation by connecting dots, inspiring change and igniting passion.

They will delve into the realm of data management, going further by emphasizing the importance of the human element and interpersonal skills. These skills are essential in bridging the gap between data and business, overcoming resistance to change, and fostering a growth mindset driven by data.

Astrocytia @ ThinkLinkers Live Event

BRTH@Astrocytia-Thinklinkers Marathon 2023

Psychology & MDM

2023.09.11: Astrocytia at Thinklinker's Thinklab

You now have the opportunity to hear and meet our CEO Brian Thomsen at Thinklinker's Data Management Event in Berlin this October 12-13.

Astrocytia has been sponsoring Thinklinker's great events through several years and we are really looking forward to the event this autumn to meet with like-minded peers.

You can expect a talk from Brian on the Psychology of Successful MDM Projects with practical hands-on-experience and cases.

If you haven't already booked your seat, please visit or send us an email at



Celebrating Success

2023.09.08: AAA High Creditworthiness 2023

We are delighted to share some fantastic news that reflects the dedication, hard work, and commitment of everyone in our organization.

Astrocytia has been awarded the prestigious recognition of AAA High Creditworthiness by Dun & Bradstreet.

A recognition only given to less than 2 percent of Danish Companies. This achievement is a testament to our financial stability, reliability, and trustworthiness in the world of business.

Our CEO Brian Thomsens states "At the heart of our success lies a deep commitment to our partners and customers. We understand that our achievements are possible because of the trust and support you have placed in us. We are dedicated to continuously raising the bar, delivering exceptional value, and upholding the principles of transparency and integrity in all our dealings".

AAA Logo - Square - 2023 - ENG

Astrocytia@TBM Forum 2023

Meet us in Berlin 

2023.08.18: Astrocytia supports MDM Forum

We are proud sponsor of the very exciting event hosted by TBM Group taking place in Berlin by the end of September (28-29).

We have selected a strong team of Astrocytes to participate in this events - presenting a strong duo on stage - so stay tuned!  

Come join us: send us an email at or read more about the event here 

Invitation Astrocytia 5th Birthday

Invitation Thinklinkers 8.0-1

5th Time Lead Partner 

2023.05.26: Astrocytia Continues to Lead the MDM Landscape

For the 5th time Astrocytia and ThinkLinkers are partnering up to bring together the data management community and redefine the way businesses work to achieve their visions through master data.

This time, the event will take place in Berlin, and Astrocytia will participate as lead partner and speaker, sharing our MDM expertise, use cases and extensive experience.

We continue to support these types of events because we believe that exchanging ideas and building connections with industry peers is the path to success in MDM.

If you are curious about how your company can benefit from MDM to solve your business challenges, please reach out to us through our contact form or on


Brian Thomsen Speaks on MDM Visions

2023.05.23: "Align Your MDM Vision to Your Company Vision"

We are happy to share the insightful interview between ThinkLinkers' founder and managing partner Pio Marolla and MDM expert Brian Thomsen.

With the title "Align Your MDM Vision to Your Company Vision" the discussion aims to help organizations leverage MDM for growth, success, and innovation.

During the interview, Brian guides the audience through the initial steps of establishing an MDM program. He emphasizes the significance of setting a clear vision, tearing down silos, overcoming resistance, and engaging the entire organization. Watch the full interview here.

If you would like to know more about how to start up an MDM project in your company, and how MDM can align with your company visions, then reach out to us through our contact form or at


Align Your MDM Vision to Your Company Vision

Morten Dalbøge - LinkedIn post

A big welcome! 

2023.04.17: Meet Morten Dalbøge.

We are thrilled to welcome Morten Dalbøge to our team as our new Delivery Manager!

With a proven track record in project management and team development and leadership within eCommerce and performance marketing, Morten brings a wealth of experience from companies such as Novicell, Aller and Bestseller.

Morten has a true entrepreneurial spirit, having started several effective digital solutions that collect and visualize data with a focus on measuring the effectiveness of efforts. This pragmatic approach has brought clarity to many dark corners of the digital landscape, and given our love for data, we knew Morten would be an invaluable addition to our team.

In his role at Astrocytia, Morten will ensure that we deliver solutions with precision and at the highest quality level, while also making sure we meet deadlines and mission parameters. His extensive knowledge about data and reporting will be a valuable asset to our internal efforts, and as a sparring partner for our clients in the evolution of digital solutions, eCommerce, BI, and the future of valuable data.

Welcome to the team, Morten!

Say hello to Claes! 

2023.04.17: New astrocyte on the team

We are pleased to announce our new Senior Business Consultant, Claes, who is joining us here at Astrocytia. He will be working on our projects with an approach that balances business, operational, and technical needs end-to-end. With over 23 years of experience in a variety of B2B and B2C companies, Claes has previously worked with big brands such as Oatly, Zalando, Adidas Group, Carrefour, Stibo Systems, and Thule Group.

Claes possesses a diverse range of skills that include motivational leadership, extensive knowledge in MDM, IT & business analysis, as well as a deep understanding of customers and businesses. He will play an essential role in supporting our customers' digital journeys.

Claes adds: "I have a holistic and data-driven mindset where business needs, processes, and technical aspects naturally merge in my problem-solving. My experience in STEP as well as other MDM and PIM solutions makes me a strong contributor to data models and structures."

We are happy to have you onboard!

Claes Larsson, LinkedIn billede


Limitless journey 

2023.03.31: Astrocytia is live @ Thinklinkers MDM Marathon

Curious about how to work with your processes and master data? Join the interesting event run by Thinklinkers and meet our CEO and founder Brian Thomsen on the topic of improving processes and limiting bad habits.

Hope to see you there!

Astrocytia Live

2023.03.29: LinkedIn Live @ Thinklinkers

This Thursday we are live at the Thinklinkers LinkedIn Live Event talking about the top 5 people challenges in Master Data Management


Astrocytia @ Thinklinkers LinkedIn Live

Michael copy

New Business Transformation Manager 

2023.03.09: Meet Michael Langberg

Michael Langberg is our new business transformation manager and will be working directly on managing and making progress in our different projects along with expanding the Astrocytia framework towards successful digital transformation of our clients business. He will be a part of taking Astrocytia to the next level. 

Michael has 30 years of sales and marketing experience from market leaders in retail, branded manufacturers B2C and B2B and from advertising agencies. Throughout his career, Michael had management roles both on a strategical, tactical, and operational level including several leadership team roles. He has also in periods worked as an internal and external management consultant with account direction, performance management and change management projects.  

Happy to have you onboard!

Meet Sommer!

2023.03.07: Our new astrocyte

We introduce you to our new Business Consultant, Sommer Chenet. She is going to investigate and analyze the challenges and problems that our customers are facing in their business establishing the base to start our projects.

Additionally, she will be a part of our change management track where she will provide the best comprehensible user experience combining the technical with people giving them the necessary tools to be successful with data.

 Sommer has experience in the therapeutic area but also as a multimedia designer. A perfect combination here at Astrocytia.   

She says: "I look forward to getting started in this position that combines all the things I find interesting working with – people, systems, and problems – I love solving problems.

 We are looking forward to work with you!



Digital & Marketing Consultant

2023.03.02: Welcome onboard

Astrocytia is an ever-growing company, and we bit a big welcome to one of our newest team members, Malthe Stigaard. He is our new digital & marketing consultant and is going to be both on the projects and working on Astrocytia’s external image and marketing strategy.  

Malthe is very skilled in marketing, graphic design and photography and has worked in marketing both freelance and in-house for 10 years. He has great experience as marketing consultant and creative content producer.  

 He says: “I am looking forward to new challenges and to contribute to the storytelling about who Astrocytia is as a company and share the knowledge on what we have to offer to our current and future customers globally. I look forward to both developing the storytelling and working on the graphic layout".  

 We at Astrocytia are very happy to have you on board! 

Thank you!

2023.02.09: Astrocytia's 4th birthday celebration

We would like to thank everyone on the attention giving on our company birthday. The day was full of laughter, fun and good food. It was great to see so many friendly faces stop by to celebrate with us. 

We hope to see you all for another fantastic birthday reception next year!


Astrocytia Reception Invitation

Coming up this Friday!

2023.01.25: Astrocytia's 4th birthday reception

Don't miss our company birthday celebration this Friday! There is going to be great food and drinks and of course lots of friends, family and business partners to talk to. We are definitely looking forward to this celebration.

Come join and have a festive Friday among friendly peers!

Did you miss..

2023.01.18: Roadtrip in Feb 2023

Did you miss our own CEO Brian Thomsen’s presentation on Radical Transformation last week in Amsterdam? Don’t despair – Brian is planning a roadtrip in February so book a meeting to hear more about your opportunities of becoming a digital frontrunner within MDM.

Astrocytia Roundtrip Brian Thomsen

Astrocytia Job Opening


2023.01.18: Er det dig, vi mangler?

Vi leder pt. med lys og lygte efter en visuel og grafisk stærk marketingkoordinator. Du skal elske marketing og alt hvad der hører med  - og måske er der også en fotograf, gemt i dig?

Vi glæder os i hvert fald til at høre fra dig - stillingsopslaget kan du finde her:   

Welcome Mikkel!

2023.01.18: Meet our new Astrocyte!

Yet again we are expanding here at Astrocytia and this time we introduce you to Mikkel Thorup who is our new Business Consultant.  

 He has recently finished his degree in Digitalisation and Application Development at Aalborg University. His educational background combines a solid business understanding with knowledge of IT-development and information technology in general.  

Mikkel says: “My passions are within changing and developing businesses through the development of innovative IT solutions and helping people improve their current situations.  

 Astrocytia offers great opportunities to challenge both my analytical and technical skills as well as my knowledge of radical transformation opportunities with master data management. I’m looking forward to increasing my knowledge of the technical platform and the implementation and application of master data management. 

A very big welcome to Mikkel, we are happy to have you onboard!

Astrocytia - Mikkel Andre Thorup

20221214 - Astrocytia-  TBM event Radical transformation

Radical Transformation with MDM

2022.12.15: Join us in Amsterdam - Jan 12 & 13 2023

We are excited to attend the "3rd Excellence in MDM and Data Governance" event in Amsterdam by TBM Group where our CEO Brian Thomsen will be speaker.  

 He will introduce you to an innovating approach on how to create radical transformation with MDM focusing on:

  • The importance of involving the organisation 
  • How it is possible to set ambitious business and data  goals  
  • Why embedding the change management and mindset of the people lays the foundation for growing the people and the business. 

Astrocytia Reception Invitation

Simone @ Astrocytia

Meet Simone

2022.11.25: Our new Astrocyte

We are expanding our team at Astrocytia and are welcoming a new member to the team, Simone Lerche Laursen

Simone is educated in Design for People, from the Design School Kolding. She works with UX design and will be focusing on prototyping and co-creating with our clients to ensure optimal innovation processes. Simone has a bachelor’s degree in psychology which means she will also assist our clients in the process of change and implementation of new ways of working.

Simone says: “I am so excited to start working with Astrocytia who believe in the importance of having a people-centered approach to innovation - all based on co-creation. That makes us the perfect match and I can’t wait to start designing great solutions together with them and our clients.”

We are so happy to welcome onboard, Simone, and we look forward to the collaboration. 

A big Welcome

2022.11.21: Meet our new Astrocyte - Christian

We would like to introduce you to our new Value Chain Management Student, Christian. He is at his 3rd semester at the VIA University here in Aarhus. 

Christian: "I am looking forward to translate the theory I learn during my classes into practice and see how it works out in the real world.”

We think very highly of the study of Value Chain Management on the grounds of that this is what we do. To make sure that the different processes within an organization is steered and functioning effectively from the start of a product order to when it is delivered to the customer. It is all about business optimisation.

You will meet Christian in many different roles here at Astrocytia - right now he is deep diving in Data Analysis.

A very warm welcome to Christian - we are happy to have you onboard! 👍😉

Christian S @ Astrocytia

Astrocytia @ TBM Group

MDM Excellence 

2022.11.10: Astrocytia @ TBM Event  

We are happy to announce that we are proud silver sponsor of the TBM Group Annual Excellence in MDM and Data Governance. 

The event takes place in Amsterdam in the new year - January 12-13. 🎆

Hope to see you there!! 😉

Meet Julie & Hannah

2022.10.28: Two New Astrocytes 

Hannah K. Søndergaard is our new Project and Process Coordinator. She is educated in Experience Economy and is here to support the ongoing projects through coordination, optimization of the intern processes as well as ensuring progress and structure in our projects.

 Hannah says: “It is great to have landed in a challenging position, where I really get to put my skills in play when it comes to project management, analysis, and communication. Astrocytia is an innovative and growing company – I am looking forward to being a part of the journey! Thank you to the team for the warm welcome.

 Julie J. Hedensted is our new Communication Consultant. Her role is to support the projects through communication and going forward – to keep you and our customers updated on all the interesting work and activity happening here at Astrocytia. She is also responsible for the internal communication for the company.

Julie says: “I love the immediate inclusion from the start. I feel already that the Astrocytia team is my work family. We share our different skills in the field and are complementing each other. My role as a Communication Consultant really provides me with the challenges I need.”

 We love to see the Astrocytia-family expand and welcome you both aboard 😍!

Astrocytia-New Employees

Thinklinkers MDM and Astrocytia

We ran the Marathon!

2022.10.14: Thank you!

The ThinkLinkers Data Management Marathon is now over and what a fantastic event 😀. We thank all of you who participated online and during our watch party for your interest in the event and in the keynote speech from Brian Thomsen. It was quite a success! Again we managed to make people wonder and see how working with data can be dealt with in a fun and different way.

It was also very impressive and inspiring to hear Data Lovers all over the world come together to discuss the amazing possibilities Data Management can provide.

Surely, we learned a lot and are looking forward to another amazing event in the future where we hope to see you all again and many more 😍!


Er du vores nye Astrocyt

På jagt efter Astrocytter

2022.10.14: Astrocytia på Jobmesse

Vi er i dag at finde på jobmessen i DGI-huset i Aarhus. Kom endelig forbi til en snak om dine muligheder. Vores HR-chef, Helle Mejer, står klar fra 9.30 til 14.30 til at fortælle om vores skønne virksomhed og sparre med dig om dine muligheder. Vi håber, vi ses! 😉


Watch Party

2022.10.12: Are you in the Middle of Jutland, DK, today?

Then join our eventful ThinkLinkers Watch Party that evolves around the big online event Data Management Marathon 5.0. where you can get a lot of inspiration on different approaches to Data Management. 

There will be lots of time to network among other companies both online and physically during the event.

The party is on Today Wednesday from 14.00 pm to Thursday - Oct 13 - 17.00 pm

Contact CEO Brian Thomsen and Astrocytia will get you a ticket to the event.

Don't miss this chance to connect ;-) 


Thinklinkers Marathon Astrocytia Watch Party


Want to see what real change looks like?   

2022.10.06: Brian to talk on ThinkLinkers MDM Event

Next week - on October 12 & 13 - Astrocytia will be attending the exciting international online event Data Management Marathon 5.0 hosted by ThinkLinkers.

The day will contain many interesting topics about how operating data can have a tremendously effect on optimisation of a business. Our very own Brian Thomsen will be joining alongside many other big experts on the matter of this topic.

Come and listen to Brian contributing to how the interaction between Master Data and people can have an enormous effect on a company both strategical, tactical and on an operational level. The main theme here will be "Change”. This innovative approach has years of experience behind it and the results are speaking for themselves. The method lead by Astrocytia is making growth for the companies and for the individual employee. It is about connecting people through data and making change. The topic will touch many aspects of what it means to transform a company and its employees with data and how to not loose people in the process.

So, join the event by contacting Brian Thomsen and get a 20% discount. We are SOOOO looking forward to seeing you!



2022.10.03: Astrocytia on Sustainability & Master data 

Join the ThinkLinkers Linkedin Live Event tomorrow and get inspiration from our CEO Brian Thomsen on how you can power Sustainability using Master Data ☀️🕶️



Astrocytia_Sustainability Powered by Master Data

Thinklinkers Data Management Marathon 4th

Our 4th Marathon  

2022.08.11: Thinklinkers Data Management Event 

We are soooooooo looking forward to running our next marathon - the Thinklinkers Data Management Marathon that is... 🏃😎😍.

The marathon is all about exchanging best practice on how to optimise businesses when it comes to data - and also about meeting the best people, including one of most intriguing experts on this matter - Mr. Scott Taylor - the data Whisperer.

Come join us on October 12 & 13 if you need new thoughts and ideas on managing data. 

Read more here 


Data i værdikæden

2022.06.22: Ny Podcast om Master Data Management 

"Alle vil gerne være datadrevne og mener det er en strategisk vigtig indsats, men hvad betyder det egentlig at være datadreven og ikke mindst hvad forudsætter det?" Jesper Toft fra Avidly har i sin seneste podcast inviteret vores CEO, Brian Thomsen, til en snak om udfordringer og muligheder ved brugen af data. 

Lyt med her 


Podcast Master Data Management

Astrocytia at Presidents Summit 2022

Connecting Trends  

2022.05.17: Astrocytia at Presidents Summit 

At Astrocytia, we are always on the lookout for new knowledge and connecting with new people. This Monday and Tuesday our CEO Brian Thomsen is participating in the Presidents Summit 2022 in Copenhagen and getting news on trends in leadership, growth, and innovation. Hope to see you there! 😘


Happy Easter

2022.04.13: Greetings from Astrocytia

The Astrocytia team wish you all a Happy Easter. We hope you get to spend some lovely days with your family and friends 😘


Astrocytia Happy Easter

Astrocytia Master Data Marathon

The wheels on the bus...

2022.04.04: Watch Party at Astrocytia 

Come join us for a cup of coffee and inspiration on the optimal use of your data in your organisation. This Wednesday and Thursday we are hosting a watch party during the Thinklinkers 4th Master Data Marathon at our Aarhus HQ at Michael Drewsensvej 13, DK-8270 Højbjerg. 

To get your personal ticket connect with our CEO Brian Thomsen at 

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 😃

People & Passion

2022.03.15: Master Data Marathon 4th

💙Master Data Management - starts with people & passion 💙

Learn more on how we at Astrocytia are driving change management, collaboration, and achieving growth for companies - through a collaborative and transparent process. This is really where the magic happens!

Find out more, and be part of the Astrocytia Master Data Marathon - powered by ThinkLinkers.


Thinklinkers 2022

Astrocytia MDM


2022.03.14: LinkedIn LIVE talk on March 15

If you - like us - are passioned about the people around you – your colleagues, partners, suppliers – you name it. Then join this LinkedIn Live Event where Brian Thomsen and Pio Marolla from Thinklinkers share their passion for Master Data. You will get insight into how Master Data with the Astrocytia Model always starts with you and me - the people in an organization. 

Nordic Roadtrip

2022.02.14: Astrocytia Roadtrip in Sweden 🇸🇪

Another great roadtrip, this time to Sweden from Malmö to Stockholm. Great talks around Digital Transformation, Business Growth and Master Data!!

The next Nordic roadtrip is scheduled to April 2022 - contact Brian Thomsen if you are interested in a talk about what master data can do to your business.

Astrocytia Nordic Roadtrip

MDM Marathon   

2022.01.27: MDM Marathon No 4!

Astrocytia is proud to be Fire Elite Partner for Thinklinkers 4th Master Data Marathon, which is taken place on April 6 & 7.

The Master Data Marathon is a global event with the aim of sharing news and innovative approaches to MDM.

Join the Marathon and meet our CEO Brian Thomsen sharing his passion for technology and people.

Astrocytia Christmas greeting

Merry Christmas

2021.12.01: Greetings to all of you

We at the Astrocytia team wish you and your dear ones a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 


2021.11.03: Astrocytia Hamburg is now open!

Our Grand opening was a success. We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the opening of our new pop up office in Hamburg. To fill the office with great people, hearing the sound of small talk and the wineglasses ring at every greeting was the best possible start for our new office. We thank all of you for your support!


Astrocytia Hamborg Grand opening


2021.10.01: Astrocytia Hamburg Pop-Up Office - Grand Opening Reception

Come join our opening reception at our New Hamburg Pop-up Office on Friday the 29th of October 2021 from 14.00 to 20.00.
There will be lots of fun, drinks, Master Data talk and cases around our projects, and plenty of networking opportunities!

Lets us know if you are joining by sending an email to Brian Thomsen at  before the 20th of October.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all!


Vækst i eksportsalg

2021.09.30: Astrocytia udtaler sig i Børsen

Læs vores CEO Brian Thomsens udtalelse om eksport til bl.a. Tyskland i dagens Børsen. Link til artiklen finder du her:


Astrocytia Børsen Eksport

Astrocytia MDM Marathon - Management

Making MDM relevant for Management

2021.09.30: MDM Marathon - we did it!

It was a great pleasure to be part of the Thinklinkers MDM Marathon 3.0!! Did you attend the firesite chat? We hope you got a lot out of the small tips and tricks of making MDM relevant for the management. Interested in knowing more? Send an email to  

Astrocytia in Hamburg

2021.28.09: New pop-up office in Hamburg opening October 1st

🚀🇩🇪🚀. We are extremely proud to announce that we will be opening up Astrocytia in Hamburg 1st of October 2021 - to serve our growing customer base in Germany and Switzerland - and part of our growth and expansion journey. 🚀🚀🚀 We 💙love💙 being close to our customers, and will be using our new German base for workshops, events, knowledge sharing and lots of networking 🧠 🧠 🧠.

Join us for the opening reception on the 🔥29th of October 2021 from 14.00 to 20.00🔥- and receive your personal invitation by writing an email to

There will be lots of fun 🥳, drinks🍺🍷 Master Data and cases around our projects, and plenty of networking opportunities in an inspiring day! 🥰 

Astrocytia Hamburg

Astrocytia roundtrip Brian Thomsen

See you in October?

2021.27.09: Brian just got back from his latest roundtrip

"Another great Astrocytia roadtrip through Germany🇩🇪, Austria🇦🇹 and Switzerland visiting customers, networking, and setting new standards for Master Data, change and digitalisation 🚀🚀. Being able to work from anywhere is really a blessing - after lockdown".

If you want to have a meeting and talk around MDM and growing your business on the next DACH roadtrip 12-15th of October, please contact me, CEO Brian Thomsen,  on - and hopefully it fits into the travel schedule!!

See you out there - MOIN! 🥰



2021.24.09: Astrocytia - Marketingpraktikant - Aarhus

Vi leder efter en dygtig marketingpraktikant - er det dig? Hvad vi helt præcis søger efter kan du læse her

Vi glæder os til at høre fra dig!

26,2 hours of MDM!

2021.13.09: MDM Marathon 3.0 with ThinkLinkers

Do the 26,2 hour Master Data Marathon 3.0 with us on the 29th and 30 of September with Astrocytia's insights on how to drive change and growth with MDM!

Our CEO Brian Thomsen will also do a 🔥🔥 fireside chat 🔥🔥 with SCOTT TAYLOR - The Data Whisperer - which is always great fun!! Get the Astrocytes working, and if you need a warm up session before then, Brian is ready!

Win free tickets #freetickets by writing a email to and state WHY you want to join the Thinklinkers event 29-30 September 2021 #MasterDataMarathon 3.0

Astrocytia CEO Brian Thomsen

Astrocytia 3 Reception

Thank you!

2021.01.09: We had the best birthday 😍

Thank you all SO much for joining the birthday party and making it an amazing memory! We loved to see all of your, we loved the constant small talks and networking. It was right in the spirit of Astrocytia. We hope to see all you next year!

Astrocytia Roadtrip

Greetings from our CEO Brian Thomsen  

2021.15.08: What an amazing roadtrip!! 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇦🇹

A couple of weeks back I was on a business roadtrip through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to visit Astrocytia customers and my network. It was so great and refreshing to be on the road again, and meet customers face to face, and be able to brainstorm on strategy, projects and new innovative ideas. Unfortunately, this time it was not possible to visit all, and there were still some restrictions around Covid 19, that made the planning and visits difficult.

Therefore I will now go on a weeks roadtrip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland the next 3 months in mid September, October and November, to meet with companies that would like to talk about master data management as the new neural network, and how we can innovate and scale the business through MDM.

Let me know if you want to meet for a coffee ☕️, and set new innovative standards for MDM 🚀, and be part of my next roadtrip 🚙! Feel free to send an email on – and hope to see you soon!

Auf Wiedersehen und Biß bald! 😃

Astrocytia Reception

You're invited!

2021.01.07: Astrocytia - Reception - Aarhus 

Astrocytia is celebrating its 3 years birthday and you are invited! 

Come party with us on Friday August 13 from 14:00-21:00 at the headquarter in Aarhus. 

Food, drinks, networking and fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Welcome Mette!

2021.01.05: Astrocytia - Employee News - Aarhus 

We are very proud to welcome Mette Hallum to the Astrocytia family as part of our new 🚀🚀🚀ASTROCYTIA INCUBATOR LAB🚀🚀🚀 where we grow and develop new talents - and expand the neural network.

Mette will be working in Astrocytia while working on her studies with Value Chain Management - which is a valuable addition to our team, knowledge base and growth - welcome Mette!

Astrocytia Mette Hallum & Brian Thomsen

Astrocytia New Neural Network

MDM as the New Neural Network

2021.24.03: New film 

I see Master Data as the new Neural Network! 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 Master Data has to be ingrained in all processes, departments and people - and utilised the right way, it can create a central intelligence and learning network of knowledge and data. 🧠 When working with even large organisations, people really understand the mindset and importance of working together across silos. This is the REAL neural network where organisations, suppliers and customers are working together - resulting in better processes, more transparency and more commercial outcome.

In case you want to see the 15 minute video we recorded for the ThinkLinkers event - march 24 2021 - please send Brian an email on 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻 - and he will send a personal link for you. Stay connected! 

Welcome to Henrik

2021.15.03: Astrocytia - Employee News - Aarhus 

We are very proud to announce the addition to our Astrocytia team with Henrik Bratbøl as our new Chief Innovation Officer (CINO). 🚀🚀🚀🚀 Henrik has a backgrund with Data visualisation, CSR and Innovation - and will help lead key initiatives within Astrocytia and with our customers and projects. We will set new standards for Master Data globally as the central Neural Network of any organisation - creating innovation and core business value. Welcome to the team, Henrik!

Astrocytia-Chief Innovation Officer

Astrocytia MDM News


MDM Marathon

2021.02.03: MDM Marathon with ThinkLinkers 

MDM as the new Neural Network?! YES!! Find out more on the MDM Marathon event on March the 24th and 25th, where we are serving mental caffeine for the brain!

Learn more here:





5-15% faster throughput and fewer mistakes

2021.12.01: Best Practice from Astrocytia 

As a manufacturer you are often very far away from your end customer. Managing customer expectations, their use-cases and market trends rarely flows back into the organization - making continuous product development hard – and as a manufacturer you sometimes rely on gut feeling and personal input rather than data and facts. Astrocytia helps streamline the processes throughout the organization resulting in faster throughput and fewer mistakes.

Learn more here:



Astrocytia-Manufacturing Best Practice

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 10.34.31

Jyllands-Posten Erhverv (DK)

We are growing and growing...

2020.23.10 - Astrocytia full page article in JP Erhverv

What a Friday - we are proud to see our add in Jyllands-Posten today where we share some insights to how we work with our clients nationally and internationally. 


New office in Aarhus (DK)

We are growing and growing...

2020.09.16 - Astrocytia expanding in Aarhus

As we are becoming more and more Astrocytes, we needed additional bigger office space, why we recently opened our brand new office 🚀🚀 

Our physical work environment here at Astrocytia now further reflects our vision: Connecting people, passion and technology! And even if it is a tiny change, it enables our Astrocytes to live their true Astrocytic work-life 🧩


  • Astrocytia's main office is located in Aarhus.
  • Astrocytia also has a office in Copenhagen located at Vestergade 29, near Rådhuspladsen and Tivoli.

A Humble & Proud: Thank you! 

2020.09.11 - Astrocytia 2 Year Anniversary

We had a blast at the Aarhus office celebrating Astrocytia’s 2nd birthday! 🎉🍾

Blessed with the company of almost hundred guests, enjoying the delicate tones of Frankly Female and DJ Line Sanders mad mixing skills, we were delighted to celebrate Astrocytia’s continuous growth, new international partnerships and exciting opportunities awaiting us in the year to come
🌍 🚀

International DJ at our 2 year event!

2020.09.09- Astrocytia - 2 year anniversary

We are also proud to announce Line Sander - as a guest performer for Astrocytias 2 year anniversary. from 14.00-21.00 at our Aarhus HQ! This is the perfect example of combining, people, passion & technology - and Line is one of Denmarks best female DJ’s. She has been playing in several countries around Europe and been living out her professional DJ dream in Dubai. She has been playing a lot of events for costumers like Mercedes, Bestseller, CPH Airport and Pandora. We look forward to a fantastic day, with some catchy tunes in the background 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼 🎼

Frankly Female!

2020.09.08 - Astrocytia - 2 year anniversary

Ladies and gentlemen, once again we are proud to welcome Frankly Female to our Astrocytia anniversary performing their beautiful songs! 🎹 🎼🎤 This time in an acoustic setup, as we have occupied the band room for our new office!! Come on by on THIS Friday -🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 the 11th of September between 14.00 and 21.00 - Michael Drewsens Vej 13, 8270 Højbjerg - 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 and remember to sign up for the event! 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳

Astrocytia - Frankly female


Welcome to Janine!

2020.09.01 - Astrocytia - Employee News - Copenhagen

We are very proud to announce that Janine John Møller has joined Astrocytia as Managing Consultant 🥳

Janine comes with an array of experience from the customer side with MDM/PIM management of people and projects from Rockwool and Velux. Janine will help us build and grow our team and best practices for our consulting - from strategy, analysis, execution to implementation of new processes and technology.

Welcome to the growing team, Janine! 🚀

Welcome to Jonas!

2020.09.01 - Astrocytia - Employee News - Aarhus

We are very proud to welcome Jonas Kolind Heise as our new Business Intelligence Specialist in Astrocytia! Jonas will help us achieve new standards of combining Master Data and BI for our customers and projects - and be part of our projects globally. Welcome to the team Jonas!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Brian og Jonas

Astrocytia 2 Year Anniversary

Astrocytia 2 Years!

We are getting older...

2020.08.18 - Astrocytia 2 year anniversary

Dear network - It is CELEBRATION TIME!!! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 Astrocytia is celebrating its 2 year birthday, so we would like to invite you to a birthday reception on Friday September 11th from 14:00-21.00. Its been an amazing journey so far, with a strong vision for combining People, Passion & Technology! 🚀🚀🚀

We will pop the champagne, serve some delicious food and look forward to seeing YOU - to a great afternoon in our offices at Michael Drewsens Vej 13, 8270 Højbjerg. 🥳 🥳 🥳 🚀🚀🚀

Bigger office in CPH

We are growing and growing...

2020.08.26 - Astrocytia expanding in Copenhagen, DK

As we are becoming more and more Astrocytes, we needed l bigger office space at our location in Copenhagen 🚀🚀. We have had the location since December 2019 - but we took the opportunity to move into bigger and lighter rooms - to create room for even more employees, karma and passion - supporting clients in the Copenhagen area and Sweden. 🇩🇰🇸🇪

Astrocytia Copenhage 2020

Brian og Emilie

Welcome to Emilie!

2020.08.01 - Astrocytia - Employee News - Aarhus

Really excited to announce that we have onboarded Emilie Elkjær-Gregersen to the Astrocytia team in Århus, Denmark! Emilie will join as a Business Innovation Consultant, and help local and global businesses become their ultimate best - and guiding our customers through their business transformation.

Emilie will already start on (at least) 2 exciting projects in Denmark and Switzerland - it's a running start! 🚀🚀🚀

Passion through music

A unique collaboration between Astrocytia & Frankly Female

2020.07.01 - Astrocytia - Collaboration & Partnerships

“I am wanted in this town for wanting some more”, sings Pernille Gunvad from Frankly Female on the number "Wanted":

A number which speaks to our Astrocytia identity as a consulting company wanting some more for our partners and customers, aiding them to achieve their full potential .

We consider Frankly Female to be our house band and creative partner: Inspiring our Astrocytia universe with their dark and dreamy tones. Together we constantly seek nurture creativity, innovation and change.

Curious about how Wanted sounds? Watch the music video which was supported Astrocytia - and our vision.

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