An insight into Astrocytia's Best Practice - for Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion and lifestyle is a fast-paced industry, where constant design and development is key.

Your challenge:
A complex set up of design, product development and sourcing from multiple suppliers and countries make the design process very costly and increasingly difficult to manage. Manual processes like sample management, forecasting, getting ready for photoshoots and product launches mean, that even small design changes result in extra time, cost and potential delays

In the go to market cycle data has to be appealing in order to meet requirements for ecommerce, online retailers but also the complex wholesale and retail landscape. Lack of data or re-creation of data often result in a time consuming process, missed deadlines and extra cost.

Our approach:
Over the past 20 years, Astrocytia has refined its best practice for Fashion & Lifestyle. We have a deep understanding of the commercial aspects of managing a Fashion & Lifestyle company including all the process and data related pain points and bottlenecks. We have worked with numerous fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle brands and work with a proven methodology and track record that can help your organisation to perform its ultimate best.

Astrocytia will help analyse your business and identify key painpoints, but essentially also all the potential in optimising the processes and a commercial aspect on having a healthier end to end value chain – resulting in a higher profit and internal optimisation of staff knowledge and time to market.

Our solution:
Our solution includes strategic sourcing, optimised data flow with suppliers, product lifecycle management, sample management, photography, eCommerce, retail and wholesale. We combine key elements, data and processes around suppliers, country legislation, products, images/videos, customers and ecommerce. We have documented results of between 20-300% in optimisation of internal process and sales.

Let us help you optimise your business and learn more about our cases, and how we helped others by contacting us here for a chat or a coffee.

Astrocytia Fashion and Lifestyle
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“We worked together on a large program of work for ASOS. As a thought leader, Brian went above and beyond to work with us identifying the best solution for what we needed to solve not only today’s problems, but to look beyond and challenge us in planning for the future. Brian and his team demonstrated an immense knowledge in our industry and was a valuable part of the team as we went about setting our vision and strategy for what we do next.

I enjoyed working with him, his visionary approach and personable style made each encounter a worthwhile one. I’ll be keeping his number on speed dial for some time for sure!”

- Drew Macleod, former Lead Product Manager at ASOS

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