An insight into Astrocytia's Best Practice - for Retail

Your challenge:
The challenge within the retail industry is typically the complex onboarding of products and brands from multiple suppliers, managing multiple categories and channels. Assortment and store management is typically very siloed, and managing multiple locations, different types of stores, staff and concepts – is manual and error prone.

Having a true omni-channel strategy, is a goal for most retailers, but internal processes are typically not suited for serving both online and physical challenges – resulting in a different customer experience in the different customer touchpoints. The ultimate challenge is scaling the business with an error prone use of data and very costly processes.

Our solution: 
With our retail best practice, we have a proven methodology of managing product onboarding, digital assets – creating one seamless process from supplier to shelf or online store.

Managing stores and multiple locations even across multiple countries – becomes more manageable through transparent processes and simpler concepts – where retailers can also benchmark store types and store assortments. Talk to us today to learn more around our 360 degree retail best practice – and our international cases, by contacting us here:

Astrocytia - Retail
Astrocytia Retail - Store Management

“Brian is a visionairy on Master Data Management. At Rituals he lead us in placing Stibo MDM as a starting point for all business processes. That's why we can open 2 stores every week in a controlled way. Furthermore he is a pleasant person with humor and pragmatism.”

- Nico Wartenbergh, CTO at Rituals

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