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Founded on a vision

Astrocytia was founded in 2018 by Brian Thomsen, after having worked over 20+ years with software, consulting, business strategy, development and innovation.

Astrocytia has a global network of software vendors, consultants and partners to enable the kickstart of groundbreaking projects, that can transform and optimize a business from within.

“I believe in the power of people and being able to create a framework and process where business and people perform their very best. Astrocytia’s mission is to unleash that full potential.” — Brian Thomsen

Global Representation of Astrocytes

Astrocytia operates globally and you can find our experienced and talented Astrocytes across the world. Reach out to us if you want to become a part of an international network with a passion for strategy, people, processes, and technology – the more the merrier!

Astrocytia Global Representation Map

Meet some of our Astrocytes 

Our Astrocytes come in many shapes and forms. Our consultants have vastly different backgrounds and experiences – ranging from business analytics, change management, innovation to enterprise architects and applications consultants. Here you can meet three of them:

Brian Thomsen

Brian Thomsen

CEO & Founder

I have worked more than 20 years combining people, passion & technology. Having been the VP in Stibo Systems, I know the business inside out, and have a huge network globally. I have worked across the globe with multiple teams within product development, strategy, professional services, Customer Advisory Boards in (CAB) the US and Europe. Having been involved in 50+ projects either as part of the implementation or Director of Best Practice across multiple industries – I know the potential of the MDM inside out.


I have helped numerous customers transform their online and physical business to grow between 80-1100%. I find it very unique that we in Astrocytia work as a knowledge sharing team, where the CEO is involved in all customers. That’s a commitment we are extremely proud of.

Astrocytia - Julie Hedensted

Julie J. Hedensted

Communication Consultant

My role is to support our projects through communication and to keep everyone updated on all the interesting work and activity happening here at Astrocytia. We place great emphasis on change management in all that we do and I love supporting all of our great team members in this respect.

I feel that the Astrocytia team is my work family. We share our different skills in the field and are complementing each other. My role as a Communication Consultant really provides me with the challenges I need and let me share my experience and knowledge of getting important messages across.

Astrocytia Paul Howell

Paul Howell

Business & Application Consultant

I have a great experience in discovery, design, build, test, and deploy of multiple PIM/MDM Implementations. Experience in data modelling, data migration, application configuration and all aspects of multi-domain MDM projects and programmes. Overall experience +18 years and experience with STEP +11 years.

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