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Founded on a vision

Astrocytia was founded in 2018 by Brian Thomsen, after having worked over 20+ years with software, consulting, business strategy, development and innovation.

Astrocytia has a global network of software vendors, consultants and partners to enable the kickstart of groundbreaking projects, that can transform and optimize a business from within.

“I believe in the power of people and being able to create a framework and process where business and people perform their very best. Astrocytia’s mission is to unleash that full potential.” — Brian Thomsen

Global Representation of Astrocytes

Astrocytia operates globally and you can find our experienced and talented Astrocytes across the world. Reach out to us if you want to become a part of an international network with a passion for strategy, people, processes, and technology – the more the merrier!

Astrocytia Global Representation Map

Our Values 

At Astrocytia, our core values are the guiding principles that drive everything we do. We are committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and market growth. Here's a closer look at the values that define us:

💡Innovation and Creativity: In Astrocytia, we inspire to innovate and create. We are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways for organizations to learn, collaborate, and drive markets forward. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

🤝❤️ Respect and Empathy: We approach every challenge with great respect and empathy for your business and the people in and around it. We understand that every organization is unique, and we tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs. Your success is our success, and we genuinely care about your journey.

📈 Investment in Your Success: At Astrocytia, we are invested in making you succeed. For us, success isn't just a destination; it's an ongoing journey. We believe in helping your business become a learning organization that continuously self-improves. Your growth and development are our primary objectives.

🔥❤️ Passion and Enthusiasm: Everything we do is fueled by passion and enthusiasm. We are dedicated to giving our energy and releasing our passion to drive positive change in your organization. We believe that enthusiasm is contagious and that it can spark innovation and motivation within your teams.

With over 20 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We believe in the power of synergy – the collective strength of our people working together to achieve common goals. Success, to us, is not an endpoint but a stepping stone towards continuous improvement and learning.

At Astrocytia, we are not just a service provider; we are your dedicated partners in growth and transformation. Our values guide us in every interaction and decision we make, ensuring that we always deliver exceptional results. Join us on this journey to create, innovate, and succeed together.

Astrocytia Values at Heart 2024

Do you know? We always celebrate our company birthday 

At Astrocytia, we throw a big party every year to celebrate our company's birthday! 🎉

Celebrating our company's birthday is more than just a tradition; it's a symbol of our commitment to growth, our appreciation for our customers, and our recognition of the dedikation by our employees. It's a reminder that we are a community, working together to achieve our goals and make a positive impact in the world. We look forward to many more years of celebrating our company's birthday with you all!


For us 


Celebrating our company's birthday is a moment of reflection and gratitude for all that we have achieved together as a team. It reminds us of our journey, from humble beginnings to where we are today, and it serves as a reminder of the  dedication and resilience that define our company. This annual celebration allows us to strengthen our sense of unity and purpose, reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence in everything we do.

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For our Customers

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. By celebrating our company's birthday, we not only express our appreciation for their loyalty and support but also reaffirm our commitment to providing them with the best products and services possible. It's an opportunity for us to show our customers that they are an integral part of our success story, and we're excited to continue serving them in the years to come.


For our Employees 

Our employees are the backbone of our company, and their dedication and hard work drive our success. Celebrating our company's birthday is a way to acknowledge their contributions and show them that they are valued members of our team. It fosters a sense of belonging and pride among our employees, inspiring them to continue striving for excellence and innovation.

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