Business Strategy,
Consulting & Innovation

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells in the cortex AND the brain
that connect to a multitude of functions and signals in the body
and transmits them in the central nervous system.

WE are the astrocytes that connect
people, process, passion and technology.

We believe that all of the above is a living and breathing organism,
that has to be nurtured and connected to transmit together in order to
create a difference that persists — and inspires the daily lives of us all.

This vision empowers everything we do in Astrocytia in the way we connect
with the people, the organization, the transformation, the technology,
the innovation — and enabling a unique self improving organism.

Astrocytia is a global network of organisms consisting of 4 primary DNA strings:

Strategy — Consulting — Innovation — Software


Our strategy DNA comes from a genuine passion for changing the AS IS to a better future, whether its for a digital transformation project, a new approach to innovation, or creating a more transparent organization that becomes more proactive. A good strategy can improve the business, but a strong vision with a great strategy can change the business.


Our consulting DNA comes from a multitude of international projects with large organization, spanning from digital transformation projects, to process optimization, best industry practices and change management in Master Data and eCommerce projects.


Our DNA within Innovation comes from seeing the potential in improved processes, new technology new ideas, and tapping into the untapped potential of combining different elements and experience in the same room. Seeing things in a new light by approaching things in a different way can create improvements and better processes, products, customer loyalty, better employee satisfaction and business values and insights. Astrocytia work with innovation across the board and can also function as innovation guides or help establish innovation labs.


Having worked with innovative software development since 2002, the experience of creating solutions and software that can solve critical business issues has proven to be a game changer. Working with Master Data, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, BI, behavior, Big Data creates unique opportunities for companies to change the way they work and think processes. Astrocytia are looking for development partners and customers to make this vision come through — so join the mission and contact us today for more information to get started!

About Astrocytia

Astrocytia was founded in 2018 by Brian Thomsen, after having worked over 20+ years with software, consulting, business strategy, development and innovation.

Astrocytia has a global network of software vendors, consultants and partners to enable the kickstart of groundbreaking projects, that can transform and optimize a business from within.

“I believe in the power of people and being able to create a framework and process where business and people perform their very best. Astrocytia’s mission is to unleash that full potential.” — Brian Thomsen

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